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12/05/2007: "The Bermuda Triangle"

Well, we are still here. We have had rough seas for a few days so we sailed south of our planned route to get away from the storm to our north. The swells were less yesterday. I have played some ping pong every day. It is a real challenge playing on a rolling deck, but a lot of fun. I gave one final, People, Pathology, and World Medicine on Monday. I had them corrected and returned to the students by 5p.m. in the Union. They all did very well.

Saw a whale 2 days ago, a straight blow but far off. I went to get Suzanne, who wants to see one, but she was not able to come on deck to see it in time.

Yesterday, while out on my blue triangle chair outside 7 forward, I watched the ocean as I do every day that I can. Flying fish, including a school of 40 jumped to get away from our ship all at once! Patches of Sargassom (a sea weed) drifted by, and I think about the nursery they provide for the little critters like turtles, eels, crabs, mollusks and more. Columbus wrote of the Sargassom extending to the horizon. But I havenít seen that.

While at my little post on the deck, Bob, one of the LLL, came out and asked what the island was to the south of us. I said, to my knowledge, there was no island south of us. So, Bob went inside and returned a few minutes later. He said the wall map had no island there, but it was still on the monitor screen which fed our position to us from the bridge. Those of us on deck contemplated that and some chuckled that it was because we were in the Bermuda Triangle. Hmmm, an island on radar that was not on the maps, in the Sargasso Sea of the Bermuda Triangle.

The scientist in me felt that the map scale the bridge was feeding us had to be different and maybe it was Antigua, but then again, that is very far away, and the monitor showed only one island, not an archipelago of islands. Later, it was gone from the monitor. Very strange, this Bermuda Triangle!

I am listening to Spanish Guitar by Anthony Arizaga. Our IT specialist is Judy Lunn, and she gave me a copy of the CD. It is marvelous. Judy is also a gifted vocalist and her CD of John Denverís songs is great.

So, tomorrow is my last workout day. I am literally, all packed (big surprise, huh Mary Anne!) So, I hope UPS does not lose all of your Christmas presents that I traveled the world to procure. Toodles.