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12/06/2007: "Distance Made Good"

Today is our last day at sea. I am all packed and my grades are in. It is a beautiful day as we pass through the Bahamas on our way to South Florida. I plan to go on deck to watch the oceans and get one last round of ping pong in. Tonight is convocation. It is a ceremony for those students who are graduating this semester. I wrote a poem that is on the program. It is called Distance Made Good, a maritime phrase that refers to the amount of travel you have made along your journey. I also use the maritime word retard which means to turn back the clocks. So here it is…toodles!

Distance Made Good


Nancy Eileen Muleady-Mecham (Doc Nancy)
Fall 2007, SAS

On a global voyage of learning,
We’ve traveled as far as we could,
To measure our heart’s growth and yearning,
As personal distance made good.

Our experiences were constant and many,
We met all with a light-hearted mood,
The friendships were all new and plenty,
As personal distance made good.

Field trips and Indy stops filled us,
With new and exotical food,
We rode camels, a horse, and “the bus,”
As personal distance made good.

Warnings of snakes and life safety drills
Kept us safe in our very own “hood,”
We measured Doc Linda’s little pink pills
As personal distance made good.

M/V Explorer retarded the time
Which most of us misunderstood,
But it meant more sleep, and was just fine,
As personal distance made good.

The lands and the people, the culture and life,
Made this a trip of a lifetime and should,
Teach us to be tolerant and fight global strife
As a worldly distance made good.