Sunday, August 12, 2007
The Final Stretch

I just finished my last two shifts in the ER at Flagstaff Medical Center until December. I will miss my co-workers and the challenge. But I'll be back...I always come back. I am just about packed. Kent (my husband) and I will be off to an astronomy conference next week, then to California for a Bon Voyage Family Reunion, then to the ship in San Diego. Kent will return after a brief stay on board and I will head on off around the world with Semester At Sea. Park Ranger Sequel has returned from the Editors, Hazel and Kris, then will zoom off to Sandy for her magic with the graphics and layout. (The cover is awesome!) It will be out in January. Bobby has finished the preliminary illustrations for Out of Thin Air, A Story of Trees, that should also be done and ready for the spring. Toodles.

Posted by Nancy @ 08:57 AM pst

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