Friday, August 31, 2007
Flying Fish

We are 3/4 of the way to Hawaii. We have hit a few squalls, but the seas remain a constant roll without undue mayhem. There are a few green students but most are functional. I gave an Ocean lecture today to the student body and staff, about 700+ in the Union and piped to other classrooms. When I showed a photo of an eel, I spontaneously broke into song and sang: "Put your hand in a crack and you don't get it back that's a moray!" It was well received. All of my courses are full and they are fun to teach. As I watch the ocean go by, I see flying fish zoom out of the water, traveling about 40 feet or more. They appear to be the Black-winged rather than the California Flying Fish. We also saw a freighter earlier today, the only other ship I have seen since leaving San Diego. I am planning to join some students to get some SCUBA diving in on Sunday, our one day on Hawaii. It is warm outside and hot in the sun. Beautiful blue sky with clouds on the horizon. Aloha!

Posted by Nancy @ 05:23 PM pst

Wednesday, August 29, 2007
Pacific Ocean

We are heading west for 1434 nautical miles to Hawaii at just over 20 knots, so we will not arrive until Sunday. There are rolling seas and some busy doctors and nurses until sea legs are developed. So far so good for me. The sound of the waves against the ship is so neat. The weather was overcast, so I could not see the lunar eclipse. We set our clocks back an hour today and twice more to Hawaii. I am told we will do this 23 times this trip! We lose the 7th as a day, so I think these time changes are to make up for it. I found out I am a trip leader for a trip to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and am looking foward to the challenge. I teach later today and twice tomorrow. Each lecture is 75 minutes long with lots of preparation. The 650 student are all polite, nice, smart and awesome. My colleagues are smart and funny and the chemistry is great. More soon!

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Monday, August 27, 2007

We arrived safely in Ensenada about 6:45 this morning. It is a bright sunny day and after doing prep for teaching, the first busload of 653 students arrived. In the afternoon, 3 faculty went into town with me where I was able to use my Spanish and we walked and took in the local flavor. After a return to the ship, we had a muster for lifeboat drill and all did well. On the way out, a student had a syncopal episode and I was stabilizing her when the medic team arrived and was relieved. Never a dull moment. Our lines are being cast off as I write this and we are off to Hawaii! Adios!

Posted by Nancy @ 04:55 PM pst