Friday, September 7, 2007

Hi all; Well, I went to sleep Thursday and woke up on Saturday. We crossed the International Dateline and lost a day. Pretty remarkable...I have never lost so much "time" before. But it is nice setting clocks back to make up for the lost day. I pity the trips that go east and have to set the clocks forward. On deck I saw a Masked Booby and it was diving in the ocean, presumably after the abundant flying fish. I also saw tiny little prions, small pelagic birds. The pelagic birds, which include the shearwaters and petrels we have been seeing can spend their entire life in the open ocean, going to land only to breed. Remarkable. The fact that it is taking us 9 days to go from Hawaii to Japan really reveals the hugeness of the Pacific Ocean, which is twice as large as the Atlantic. We should arrive late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. Toodles.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007
Midway Island

We are almost due south of Midway Island and will soon be far away from the Hawaiian Archipeligo as we continue WNW and the chain continues north. Still no Laysan Albatross. I had a tour of the Bridge today and it was fascinating. They showed us on a weather map the downgraded typhoon just arriving at Japan, which means we will miss it. We have slightly rougher seas with some whitecaps. The faculty are getting lots of lectures in during this long ocean crossing as we will be spending a lot of the next few weeks on land. All are getting into routines and feeling more at home. I am up at 0630 and am on the elliptical machine, then weight work and breakfast. Global Studies is every morning at 0920. We have the academic calendar divided into A days and B days. I teach different classes on each day, have office hours in the afternoon all days, and am out on the deck with my little tripod chair, binoculars and books on sea mammals and seabirds most afternoons after office hours. The clock is set back yet again tonight, I think that is five since San Diego. Toodles.

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Monday, September 3, 2007
Honolulu, Hawaii

This was our first port after leaving the mainland. Because we came from a foreign port (Ensenada, Mexico), we had to go through customs and immigration...all 750 of us! We were called in groups and went to the faculty lounge where the customs folks were waiting for us. Once that was completed (several hours later) we were allowed to go ashore. Many students and faculty had Field Directed Practica. I went SCUBA diving with four students. It was fun to be in the water, even though it was a bit murky from recent wave action. All did last minute shopping before we headed west where American items/snacks/etc. may be hard to find. We sailed for Japan last night and are on our way! Aloha!!

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